Welcome to the club :)

Our Fablab is member-driven and non-profit. We use the membership fees to run the association, create events, courses etc. and upgrade and maintain the machinery and facilities.

Membership of the association ‘FabLab Nordvest’.

It’s free to come and have a look and we also offer activities that are open for all. You should however consider joining the club. This gives you access to the Fablab in the normal opening hours which you can see at the bottom of the page. Mid May 2021 these are limited to Thursdays only, but more weekdays will be added in third quarter of 2021.

The cost is just 200,- per month

You pay for the first month of membership by clicking the payment button. The membership system will automaically deduct the membership fee every month until you cancel your membership.

You can see the machinery we have here and you can see answers to commonly asked questions here. If you want a tour of the lab then you are welcome to visit on any Thursday between 17:00 and 22:00.

If you have questions regarding your membership or you want to cancel (why would you ever want to do that?) you can contact us on medlemskab@fablabnordvest.dk