Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-29T13:58:31+01:00

Here you find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Which software can I use?2018-06-04T19:25:01+02:00

For 3D modeling (CAD) we recommend Autodesk Fusion 360 which is free to use for hobbyists and small startups. Just start out with a trial and the sign up has a non-commercial user after 30 days.

For drawing vector graphics you can use the sketch functionality in Fusion 360 or you can use Inkscape which is also free.

For 3D-printing on the new Prusa printers we recommend using Prusa Slic3r.

For CNC machining (CAM) you can use the CAM functionality in Fusion 360, the free online program Inventables Easel or Vectric Vcarve. Fablab Nordvest has a license to Vcarve. There is a note on the notice board with instructions on how to access the Vcarve license.

Is it possible to book a machine for a specific day and time?2018-06-04T19:05:49+02:00

Currently no. Queues at the machines have not been a problem so far, so we haven’t implemented a booking system. On the laser cutters our members take turns on cutting sheets on the laser.

If you have a very time consuming job on one of the machines you can contact us so we can discuss if you can get access outside normal opening hours.

How do I get in contact with other members?2018-06-04T19:28:06+02:00

We have a Facebook group for members. You can write in that group with questions, if you are looking for collaborators, or if you need help.  

How can I help the fablab?2018-06-04T19:16:40+02:00

Thanks for asking! Our fablab is run by volunteers and that is why we can keep the cost at just 150,- per month.

  • Here are some ideas for how you can help:
  • Sign up as an “opener” and help keep the lab open
  • Take responsibility for the maintenance of specific machines
  • Facilitate the procurement of new equipment and organise activities to get the other members to use it
  • Offer assistance with writing applications for funding
  • Offer to teach classes (you can actually make money from the classes you teach)
  • Start up projects with external partners
  • Organise events, workshops, or meetups for members or with external partners

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you can want to help. We are very open for cooperation.


Do I have to bring materials or can I buy in the fablab?2021-05-27T05:02:45+02:00

In general you have to bring your own materials and bring your own end mills for the CNCs. We do stock some materials that you can buy. Currently we have:

Clear acrylic in different thicknesses and sizes

  • Vinyl and textile vinyl for the vinyl cutter
  • PLA filament in different colours for the 3D printers
  • We often have offcuts of plywood and MDF you can use for small projects, experiments, and training

This area is in development and we hope to reopen a material shop during 2021

Can you help me produce X?2018-06-04T19:26:00+02:00

We prefer to teach you how to do it yourself. “Teach a man to fish…etc”. But if you don’t have the time and motivation it is possible we can help you out, or if we can’t help you, we probably know who can. Please send an email to with your request.

Can I store my projects and materials in the fablab?2021-05-27T05:00:00+02:00

As FabLab Nordvest shares the facilities with other organisations and limited space, the current answer is No. We are working on organizing the layout to accomodate some kind of project storage in the future.

Can I produce larger quantities at the fablab?2018-06-04T19:42:13+02:00

Yes, but this is not included in the normal membership. You are allowed to do prototyping and product development for free, as well as hobby projects, gifts etc. You have to pay for machine time if you begin to do very large-scale projects or series production of products for sale.

It costs the lab money for every hour the machines run and we can’t keep the low membership fee if a few members use the machines excessively.  

Can I get access outside to the lab outside the normal opening hours?2018-06-04T19:43:00+02:00

Yes. If you sign up as a volunteer ”opener” you have access 24/7. Currently, an opener has to staff the fablab one evening every second week. If you want to sign up as an “opener” please send an email to  

As a member, can I just walk in and use the machines?2018-06-04T19:41:33+02:00

Yes and no. You are welcome to use the electronics workshop and all the tools within the wood workshop.

You need to attend a certification course before you can independently use the CNC machines, laser cutters, and the two new Prusa MK3 3D. We have these courses because there is a risk that the machines can break if you don’t use them properly.

You can see the available courses on the event page of our Facebook page

If you haven’t participated in the course for a given machine you can try to write in our Facebook group for Fablab members and ask if someone will help you. Most of our members are friendly people, so there a good change you can get some assistance.

Please respect that you have to take these courses even though you have previous experience with similar machines from other fablabs.